Artist: Tate Yoder (age 19) of Penobscot.

Blue Hill Heritage Trust Property: Windswept, East Blue Hill

“Curtis Cove has always been a place for exploration. It seems like every time I go, the tides, seasons, and weather work together to create a different landscape for me to see and explore. Knowing that the Milky Way was going to be visible from this beach during the late spring, I wanted to see if I could capture a scene that included the Milky Way rising over the Windswept property. When I arrived that night, some of my friends were already down there listening to the waves and looking at the stars. So, naturally, I asked them to stand for 30 seconds while I captured a scene of them taking in the beautiful views. Even though this shot was unplanned, I think it perfectly captures the essence of what I enjoy doing the most – exploring  and viewing the beautiful Maine landscapes with friends and family.”


Fairy House

Artist: Adeline Allen (age 6) of Blue Hill.

Blue Hill Heritage Trust Property: Peters Brook, Blue Hill

“I wanted to build a house for the fairies who live at Peters Brook. I thought they would like a house near the waterfall because it is so pretty.”



Artist: Thiago Barrett-Pereira


“I love that I can walk in the woods and see sailboats on the water at the same time. I like to  draw sailboats and the ocean because, everything is moving and I have to draw fast!”